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Many times, when you write programs you need to use special functions that others have used before you. When this happens, open source comes to the rescue and gives you a library that covers that need. Python calls theirs modules, to use modules you need to import them.

Modules for mathematics are especially useful when you have the theory ready but need to use standard math for your particular problem. The Mathematics module in the Python standard library has many features.

It is useful to check if you can solve your problem easily with these functions. If you need to…

Python threading allows you to have different parts of your program run concurrently and can simplify your design. If you’ve got some experience in Python and want to speed up your program using threads, then this tutorial is for you!

This article assumes you’ve got the Python basics down pat and that you’re using at least version 3.6 to run the examples. If you need a refresher, you can start with the Python Learning Paths and get up to speed.

What Is a Thread?

A thread is a separate flow of execution. This means that your program will have two things happening at once…

Approval ProcessYour company may already have an org chart that defines the flow of each stage in your approval process. Make sure that you diagram this flow so that everyone agrees on how a quote moves from one approval level to another and which quote attributes drive each decision tree.

Company LogoFind a company logo that you want to show in your quote document and add it to a folder in your Documents tab in Salesforce. You can reference these logos by their Document ID in your quote templates. …

The AWS SDK for Java 2.x provides Java APIs for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Using the SDK, you can build Java applications that work with Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, DynamoDB, and more.

This tutorial shows you how you can use Apache Maven to define dependencies for the AWS SDK for Java Programming Questions and then write code that connects to Amazon S3 to upload a file.

Step 1: Set up for this tutorial

Before you begin this tutorial, you need an active AWS account, an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user with a programmatic access key and permissions to Amazon S3, and a Java development environment…

What Is a Microservice?

Microservices are small, autonomous programs that function as both data producers and data consumers, particularly between service boundaries within a virtualized cloud environment. 100–200 individual microservices might be used to render a single Amazon web page, for example. Microservices are a new type of vector into secured networked assets.

Microservices can be coded in a variety of languages that are often, but not always, dependent upon the cloud infrastructure in which the microservice resides. In addition, there is no reason why a microservice programmed in C# can’t be designed to talk to another microservice written in Python. …

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